• We plan to be the source of improved shelf-life, yield and stress-tolerance genetics for many crops with or without transgenic or genome edited varieties in the marketplace through licensing of our extensive IP and Product Co-development.
  • Revenues will come from upfront technology licensing fees, benchmark payments for proof of concept, commercial development & regulatory submissions, and recurring revenues from trailing royalties on commercialized products; and Co-Development sharing income on trait added value from sales of yield-enhanced and stress-tolerant seeds.

Use of Proceeds (Seed Round Benchmarks):

  • File, maintain & prosecute IP
  • Support research in collaborator labs 
  • Form partnerships or license technology to seed companies, including alfalfa, in 3 Genome Edited crops 
  • Working Capital

Funding Goal:

Seeking Series Seed Round funding of $1,000,000 at a price of $3.53/share from SEC-accredited investors.  $1,050,000 has already been raised as Convertible Notes.


Competitive Advantages:
  • Only field-demonstrated, broadly applicable transgenic technology to significantly improve crop yields
  • Domain technical & licensing expertise
  • Dominant IP in plant yield genes:  16 issued US Patents, several applications, and counterparts in many countries
  • Proven benefits in extending shelf life of perishable produce & flowers, and increasing tolerance of crops to abiotic stress and disease
  • Very low operating costs
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