There is a growing demand for high-quality low-cost food due to increasing population growth, a rising global middle class, decreasing availability of good arable land, and extreme weather causing more frequent and severe food shortages.  Farmers and their seed company suppliers must prepare for these profound changes by substantially increasing the efficiency of food production and storage under normal and stressed conditions.

At Agribody Technologies, our goal is to help meet these needs through the genetic engineering or genome editing of many crop plants with our patent protected genetic plant technology.  Our IP covers a key genetic switch with broad applications in multiple plant species.  This means farmers can grow a larger variety of crops with significantly higher yields using the same inputs, with higher stress tolerance, thereby reducing risks and increasing profits. The technology was validated in lab and greenhouse studies in multiple crops.  Most importantly, during two years of replicated field trials, yield improvements of 20-45% were demonstrated in an elite alfalfa variety with no loss of quality.