Strategic Partnering

For crop-specific exclusive licensing of the entire IP portfolio, we seek:

  • $150K upfront licensing fee
  • $2 Mil in 2 payments for development milestones
  • Trailing 5% royalties on product sales

We seek licensees and co-development opportunities with innovative seed companies in corn, soy, alfalfa, cotton, sugarbeets, canola, potatoes, peanut, beans rice, sorghum and other crops.

Criteria for target crop selection:

  • existing transgenic or genome edited products in the marketplace; and
  • significant market size.

We boast a significant competitive advantage with domain technical, licensing and Joint Venture experience, have dominant IP in plant yield genes with 16 issued US patents, 5 US patent applications and foreign counterparts in many countries

We are not aware of any direct competitors expressing commercially relevant yield genes in transgenic plants with similar field trial data.

Most importantly, there are convincing laboratory, greenhouse and field trial demonstrations of broad applications to significanly improving crop yields with our technology, as well as secondary benefits in abiotic stress resistance, disease tolerance, and improved shelf life.