• Farmers have widely adopted genetically engineered crop plants, with 457 million acres of all croplands planted to GM varieties in 26 countries (2016).
  • In the US, 94% of soy, 96% of cotton and 93% of corn are genetically modified, with >18 Mil farmers growing 54% of worldwide GM crops in developing countries.
  • Servicable Available Market: $13 Bil.
  • More than 20 major crop plants have been genetically engineered with improved traits, having worldwide commercial sales in 2014 exceeding $15.7 Bil.
  • Only increasing alfalfa yields by 20% boosts seed value by at least $50 Mil/yr.
  • Genome editing by making targeted small mutations avoids GMO issues, reduces risk & costs, and speeds up commercialization.

Ref: ISAAA.org

The Market

Commercial Seeds Market

2014 production data: $45 Bil